Bangladesh Masjid Mission is an Voluntary Organization working throughout the country for upgrading the social, moral and ethical value of the people. It was established in 1973 and is registered under NGO Affairs Bureau and Directorate of Social Welfare. It is committed to spread Islamic ideal through the Mosques in the society, provide social services, ensure community development and participate in human resource development processes. Bangladesh Masjid Mission strongly holds the view of Mosques based integrated community development where Mosque will be the center of all development activities for the betterment of the people. BMM also firmly considers that people are the main resource of Bangladesh and by providing education, training and development of this resource BMM hopes to be the partner with them in nation building activities.


Starting from “Masjid-e-Nabobee” the role of Masjid (Mosque) throughout the Muslim world is very important and significant in the field of Preaching fundamentals of Islam on the Light of Quran and Hadith. Our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) restlessly preached Quranic versions through the Masjids as the Masjid is a place where the Muslims assembled 5(five) times in a day to perform Namaz (prayer). Namaz is the 2nd pillar of Islam among 5 (five) pillars. Almighty Allah loves the people very much those who say their Namaz (prayers) 5 times in a day in Masjid. In this point of view Masjid is the Central focusing point by which fundamentals of Islam, Quranic versions and Hadiths are being Preached among the Muslims in a easiest way. Every Muslims have great respect to Masjid as “Almasjido Rowjatul Zannath” (Hadith) Means-Masjid is a garden of Heaven. Holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) ruled the Muslim world from the Masjid. Masjid is a place from where the devotees can setup direct spiritual contact with the Magnificent Almighty Allah.

From the inception of Islam thousands of Masjids are being built by the Devotees of Islam, Religious leaders, Muslim rulers and thinkers with a purpose to preach fundamentals of Islam. The Masjids of the whole world have been playing an important and vital role from the age of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) for promoting the total Muslim’s tasks in the following fields :-

  • ¨ To gain Basic knowledge in Quran and Hadith.
  • ¨ To acquire knowledge in fundamentals of Islam and how to adopt these in personal, family, Social as well as in National life.
  • ¨ How to promote Moral and spiritual life.
  • ¨ How to eradicate illiteracy from the society, how to maintain cleanliness and Personal Hygiene.
  • ¨ To improve the moral, spiritual and social economic conditions of the slum dwellers of the main cities (Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal and Sylhet.
  • ¨ How to rule country as a ruler, how to be an useful citizen of the country, how to run business as well as how to Promote all sectional Justified development of the Country.
  • ¨ How to eradicate personal, social and National conflicts from the society.
  • ¨ How to make a human being as a well being person in the society.
  • ¨ How to promote Socio-economic Conditions of the Poor, Orphan and destitute from the society.

Considering the Past, Present and future role of the Masjids in the fields of promoting moral consciousness, Socio-economic, cultural, spiritual and in reforming the society in keeping it free from Corruption, dishonesty and Malpractice.

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest Muslim country of the world. It is also an underdeveloped country. We have more than 2 (two) Lac of Masjid in our Bangladesh where more than 4 (four) Lac of Imam and Muazzins have been working. It is a great advantage of “The Bangladesh Masjid Mission” for having this kind of big manpower and physical facilities for implementing and achieving the ultimate goals of any human development Projects successfully and efficiently.

In this point of view “The Bangladesh Masjid Mission” was established on the 25th of November, 1973 under the dedicated leadership of Late Moulana Alauddin Al-Azhari with the whole hearted support and best Co-operation by the great Islami thinkers and Religious leaders for achieving the following objectives and goals.

The primary objectives of Bangladesh Masjid Mission stand- (i) Making the mosques a living centre to Islam to address all sorts of human problems & sufferings in light of Masjid-e-Nababi, which established by the great prophet Muhammadur Rasulullah (pbuh). (ii) In bringing socio-economic and moral development of the people.





“To achieve pleasure and blessings of God through establishing all the Mosques of Bangladesh by following the model of the holy Mosque of our Great Prophet (SM) in the holy city of Madina”

  1. To organize the Imams and Moazzins of all the Masjids of Bangladesh under the shade of “The Bangladesh Masjid Mission” for making them aware about their duties and responsibilities towards humanity men, women and the children in an around of their respective Masjids.
  2. To make them active for Carry out the total activities assigned by our Magnificent Creator Almighty ALLAH and His Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SM).
  3. To assist the Muslims to acquire proper knowledge on Quran and Hadith and their contribution to the peoples of the society on the basis of acquired knowledge.
  4. To strengthen the unity of Imams and Muazzins towards proper upliftment of their moral spiritual, Socio-economic and Cultural life style on the light of Quran and Hadith, to bring more consciousness to lead better, meaningful, harmonious and peaceful life in the society in coordination with the others.
  5. To promote healthy economic life by reducing dependence on the others.
  6. To make the people regular in performing 5(five) times prayers (Salat a day) in the Masjid.
  7. To eradicate illiteracy and social superstitions from the society.
  8. To improve the moral, spiritual and social economic conditions of the slum dwellers of the main cities (Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal and Sylhet.
  9. To establish a well-organized Pre-primary stream for the 4-5 years age group with a view to increasing enrollment ratio and retention throughout the primary cycle.
  10. To setup an Institutional structure for dropouts of primary schools and Madrasah aged 6-10 years with a purpose to providing them basic education and bringing them back into the school and Madrasah system.
  11. To strengthen and expand the on going Non-formal Education Programme for Adults with emphasis on those aged 15-35.
  12. To initiate scope of life long and functional education for neo-literate.
  13. To provide training and facilities to the Community people for maintaining procedures of primary health care in their respective family as well as to lead disease free life.
  14. To enable the attached community people to lead safe, and healthy life through maintaining proper sanitation process in their family.
  15. To uplift the Socio-economic conditions of the target group through planned poverty alleviation Programme such as (WADA, INSAF, IMAMM, DOA)
          Women’s Association for Development Activities (WADA)
          Integrated Social Advancement Forum. (INSAF)
         Imam Muazzin Association of Masjid Mission. (IMAMM)
         Development of Orphan’s Accommodation (DOA)
  16. To provide assistance to the orphan, abandoned, distress and rootless Children with a purpose to ensure their basic needs (Food, shelter, Education, clothing and Medicine) for their better survival.

Programmes : Programmes of Bangladesh Basjid Mission have been divided in 3 groups viz. i) Islamic Dawah & Motivation, ii) Education & Training, iii) Social Development & Reform programmes with Welfare and Support services.

Islamic Dawah & Motivation:

Bangladesh Basjid Mission disseminates the message of Islam in the society in a very simple way and call people towards it for achieving worldly peace and progress as well as salvation in the hereafter. It motivates people to grow up as honest, patriot and responsible citizens of the state. With the aim of moulding people in the light of Islam, Bangladesh Masjid Mission regularly organise Dawah meetings, Darsul Quran & Hadith, Was-Mahfil, Seerat-Un-Nabi Mahfils, gathering of Imam & Muazzin, Tafsir-ul-Quran Mahfils and publishes different kinds of book & booklet.

Education & Training :

Bangladesh Masjid Mission administers Mosque based education centres where Imam and Muazzins are the teachers. The centres have three categories of education –i) Pre-primary education, ii) Non-formal education for adolescents -adults iii) Adult education.


Bangladesh Masjid Mission undertakes training programmes for Imams and Muazzins of the Mosque in order to make them competent for various social development activities and with the aim of development technical skills & education for the unemployed people. Bangladesh Masjid Mission has been running Hajji Training, Teachers Training etc since a long time with a great success.


Social Development & Reform Programmes:

Apart from Islamic Dawah & motivation programmes Bangladesh Masjid Mission firmly intends to bring about a substantial socio-economic change in the society, Keeping this view in mind BMM introduces different types of development activities for Women, i. e. Promotion of Environment & Sanitation and socio-economic progress of Slum Dwellers etc.


Environment Development :

Bangladesh Masjid Mission organises public gathering, religious congregation, Khutba at Jumma prayer in order to develop awareness with regard to environment of the people. BMM strongly motivates and helps people to plant saplings for safe environment.

Health & Sanitation Improvement :

Under this programme Bangladesh Masjid Mission creates awareness among people regarding personal health care, proper vaccination of mother & children, drinking & using safe water, use of sanitary latrine, taking easily available nutritious food and vitamin “A”, use of iodised salt, breast feeding etc are being observed National Immunisation Day (NID), Sanitation Week, Vitamin-A Week, Mother & Child day etc. are being observed across the country.


Bangladesh Masjid Mission’s poverty alleviation programme covers the disadvantaged segment of people with the some specific sections:

Slum Development Project:

Slum are considered as hells on the Earth. The dwellers remain deprived of all basic amenities of life viz.- adequate economic support, education, health-sanitation & housing facilities etc. The disappointing and frustrating features of human life led Bangladesh Masjid Mission to embark on activities in the slums. Bangladesh Masjid Mission imparts education, provides health and immunization facilities, micro investment facilitates for income generation and affords vocational education for employment generation.

Reform Programme :

Anti Drug & AIDs Campaign :

Bangladesh Masjid Mission holds seminar, workshop motivation programme on Drug and AIDS. It helps to rehabilitate the victims. It also observes Government & UN declared different days in relation with drug, smoking & AIDS for reducing its rapid growing situation.

Welfare & Support Services :

The programme includes, to stand by the people affected by natural calamities such as tornado, cyclone, hurricane tidal bore, drought help the poor orphans, provide facilities in burying poor deceased, extent help in marriage on needy people specially women, provide stipend for the needy and meritorious students.

Our Humble Request :

The poverty of Bangladesh does not need any further definition. it is our moral, religious and humanitarian duty to come forward to salvage the poverty stricken people. But it can not be done individually rather it needs collective or institutional shape in this connection BMM has giving you the opportunity to help the people in the right way. It is our utmost request to all concerned, please send your zakat, sadaqah and other donations to BMM for the people. We assure you fully about the best possible use of your donations with utmost sincerity and honesty. May Allah help and guide us.

Central Masjid, Kataban
New Elephant Road

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